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So here it is, my Ultra Hair Away Review. Click here if you want to visit the Ultra Hair Away website. If you have read previous posts then you’ll know that I did not simply come across Ultra Hair Away lotion, and the reason for that is that initially I didn’t know what kind of hair removing product I was looking for.

Here is a small video I put together for you,  it’s not very professional but it is fun ;) …


I’ve had rather hairy legs ever since puberty and for a long time I was perfectly happy to shave.

But as I got a bit older and my commitments grew (job, kids, ailing parents etc, etc) I really didn’t have the time (or the inclination) to carry on shaving. I tried waxing after a friend recommended it to me, but it was rather painful (they poured molten wax onto my legs, let it set so that the wax traps the hair, then they yank it really hard. And hey-presto where there was hair, there is none now!).

– The only problem is that it hurts like heck, and it’s quite expensive ($70 per leg thank you very much!). And also, as with shaving, it doesn’t last so it needs to be repeated. That’s an expensive recurring cost!

So I realised that what I was looking for was a ‘pain free’, ‘economical’ (not too expensive) and effective way to remove my leg hair – and ‘ideally’ a permanent hair removal system at that. So… I opened up my laptop, loaded up google and started researching.

And it was a very usefull exercise, there are at least 6 or so other hair removal ways such as sugaring, electrolysis and laser treatment. None of these hair removal methods attracted me much – they were either too expensive, or had potential side effects or inflicted permanent damage to the body. Not good!

Eventually I came across natural / herbal hair removers, which by contrast were relatively cheap, claimed to have no side effects, they are ‘painless’ and inflict no damage to the body. This was what I was looking for. And that took me to Ultra Hair Away.

What Other People Had To Say About Ultra Hair Away

I started looking out for ultra hair away customer reviews. When I checked online I found some supportive comments such as this from Jeannie Brewda in Canada I’ve never found a product that worked before. Thank you! It’s like a miracle!. That was a good start!

One amazon.com buyer has this to say:

I’ve been using it once a day (evenings) for about 2 weeks. It seems like my regrowth is coming in finer now, so maybe over time it will stop completely, as advertised. One thing I like is that this product does not irritate my sensitive skin. I’m willing to keep using it as long as I’m seeing progress.

But what clinched it for me was this other comment:

I’m so happy! I can finally show my legs! … by Venessa Del Ray of New Jersey. As you can imagine this really really resonated with me.

Pricing Comparison

So I reckoned that in general it seemed to have a fairly good reputation and worth a go. So I checked out different sellers for their ultra hair away prices. My first stop was amazon where the price was about $47 per bottle. Not bad, but maybe I could do better. My next stop was shavenomore again.

I’m just guessing but shavenomore seemed to be a discount reseller selling it at less that $35 per bottle for orders of 4 or more bottles – and I was happy to get 4 bottles since I knew that anything natural and safe would take a few months to take full effect (and as it turned out my husband was so impressed at my results that he started using it as well for his chest and back hair, so I have actually had to order even more!!).

Anyway, so I tried it, and have not looked back since.

How To Use Ultra Hair Away

To sart with you need to have clear, hair free skin and then you apply Ultra Hair Away to the area. So what I did was to start using it right after I did my last shave. And I did was simply sprayed UHA onto my legs (happily it neither smells nor irritates). Following the instructions I did it 2x per day for the first two weeks and then 1x per day after that.

So what happened? Well ultra hair away is an inhibitor, so what it does is to naturally inhibit / slow down the regrowth process. What I’ve found it that my leg hair is growing very very slowly and is so fine it’s just not noticeable. Now still after 2 to 2 1/2 months there is hardly any discernable hair in view. If I stroke my legs I can just about feel the sensation of short soft hair.

I think what I’ll do is to keep¬†going until I run out and then decide what to do. I guess I ‘might’ have to do it again, but it’s a cinch!

And as I said, my husband started using Ultra Hair Away lotion on his chest hair. And his chest hair is far less course and has already shown signs of receding (assuming that is the right term for a man’s chest hair lol!). I think that at this point you could assume that we are both very happy with UHA. Check out the online merchant called ShaveNoMore selling Ultra Hair Away.

A Bit About The Merchant – ShaveNoMore

The online store selling Ultra Hair Away is called ‘shavenomore’ and by my reckoning they seem to be safe and reputable. They have been in business for well over 10 years! Online transactions are processed by secure server so your credit card details are safe and they accept all the usual online payment methods: visa, mastercard and amex. And I have never received any subsequent spam / garbage email from them!

And if you want you can even place your order by telephone and speak to a real person (now that IS novel these days isn’t it?!).

And with the orders that I have placed through them, delivery has been quick and I have experienced no problems. My only small issue with them is that their website looks a bit ‘chunky’, but that I guess is a small issue, especially since it seems to work fine.

I hope you have enjoyed my ultra hair away review. And I wish you luck with whatever system you use for your own hair issues.

Here again is the link for the online shop selling Ultra Hair Away.

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