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When I was first researching the different hair removal methods, soon settled on the hair removal creams and lotions, and Ultra Hair Away was one of the first such products that I stumbled across. So I started looking out for Ultra Hair Away Customer Reviews – I wondered Ultra Hair Away does it work?

There were a few customer reviews, but not as many as expecetd. Finally I found a few testimonials at the website that I finally bought from. One of the several was:”Hurray! No more agony of electrolysis. ULTRA HAIR AWAY has made my life better!” by Martha Young in New York.

And although I’d never tried electrolysis, I had tried waxing hair removal and that was enough for me to immediately emphasise with Martha. I was really looking for another way – a painless hair removal method, that was long lasting.

I remember at the time, God I was really hacked off! Mid 30’s, family, full time job and a pair of hairy legs that Tarzan would be proud of! I been shaving all my life, then I tried – as recommended by a ‘friend’ – waxing and initially the results were good; problem is – it didn’t last. And before you could shout “where’s my shaver gone”, you guessed it.. I’m shaving again. A pain in the backside.

Will UHA help?? Is Ultra Hair Away a permanent hair remover?

So I gave it a go, and yes it’s very good. Actually it’s quite excellent. It’s easy to use, safe and best of all – effective. The desired effect doesn’t happen overnight; it’s gradual process over the period of a few months, BUT the nice thing is that you can see improvement on a consistant and regular basis. So as there was not many reviews out there I thought that I would do my own ultra hair away customer review.

Check out my very own ultra hair away review here.

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