I Wanted A Permanent Hair Removal Product

I’ve has a problem with ‘prominent’ leg hair since I was a teenager. And although shaving has always worked ok, I do find it rather tiresome, especially now with pressures of a full time job and the family. So I what I really wanted an easier (possibly even) permanent hair removal product… you know something I’d just do and just get rid of it once and for all.

Well life is not that simple. I asked around to some of my friends (many of whom shaved like me) about different hair removal products, one that was longer lasting – or even permanent! Well as I say most of my friends still shaved but one or two of then had tried waxing and said I should give it a go.

I can’t say that the waxing experience was an especially pleasant experience, or cheap now I think about it, but the initial result was actually quite good and I was happy for a while. The problem is that it didn’t last!

Before I knew it I was back where I started – hairy legs and I’m shaving again! That was just under 2 years ago.

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