Hair Removal Methods

On my journey to discovering the best hair removal product for me, I did learn a bit about various other hair removal methods. Remember I was looking for a permanent way to get rid of my leg hair, and ideally a painless method at that! So here is a quick overview of what I discovered:

1) Shaving – this where I started, and it’s where I guess a lot of you are also. Works fine, gives a good result but is simply a short stop measure. It’s certainly not a long term solution, since hair quickly (in my case anyway) grows back. On the plus side it’s a cheap option for removing hair.

2) Plucking – I’ve also done this on occasions, but not or long! Plucking hair with tweezers is quite effective but it is a time consuming and tedious way to remove your unwanted hair. And hair grows back again in time.

3) Waxing – the original ‘wax’ system for removing hair involves the application warm wax to the hair area. Hair gets smothered and trapped by the wax. Once it has dried off and set, the wax quickly peeled off in the opposite direction to teh way that the hair is falling. This action, not surprisingly pulls the hair out at the same time.

I tried this at a salon and it hurt! Not for long mind, but it did hurt. But hair regrows! So in my eyes this is no better than shaving, and it’s more expensive and it hurts. Also after the actual procedure, not all the wax comes off so the remainder needs to be scrapped off. Yuch!

4) Sugaring – this is the other ‘waxing system’ that I came across. From what I read the procedure is very similar to regular waxing with wax, but instead of wax a ‚Äòthick sugar-like‚Äô solution is used. This is spread over the hair and again the hair becomes embedded. A cloth strip is laid over it which bonds to the ‚Äòsugar‚Äô and then it again is yanked swiftly back pulling the hair out with it.

The main plus of ‘sugaring’ over ‘waxing’ is that the cleaning up is a lot easier. If there is any residual sugar it can be simply rinsed off.

5) Depilatories Hair Removal – I didn’t like the sound of this right off! Depilatories are chemicals that literally melt away the hair! And the problem is that in addition to melting away the hair it can also melt away some of your skin cells at the same time – leading to skin irritation. You can see why I wasn’t a fan of this. I gave this a wide berth.

6) Electrolysis hair removal – When I first investigated Electrolysis I was quite intrigued since it is supposed to be a ‘permanent hair removal’ method and that was what I was looking for. It involves placing a thin needle into the hair follicle (the skin organ that produces hair) and then applying an electrical current to the follicle root.

What happens is that this system burns out (destroys) the hair root, meaning that it won’t produce any more hair. Sounded kind of radical to me (killing parts of the body), but it was at least a permanent solution. The main drawback that I came across – and it is quite a big drawback – is that it takes several repeat (and costly!) treatments over one to two years.

7) Laser Hair Removal – invloves shining laser light onto the area. As with electrolysis, laser treatment acts on the hair follicles; the difference is that in this case the follicles themselves are damaged but not destroyed. It is also a process that needs to be repeated over time. And it’s not permanent.

8) Hair Removal Lotions – There are a lot of these on the market so I wasn’t sure where to start. So this is what I did, I started my search by googling exactly what I was after. Which was a) a painless hair remover, b) was permanent, c) inexpensive d) and without any nasty and unpleasant side effects (see depilatories above).

Finally I landed on Ultra Hair Away, which pretty much matched what I was looking for. It’s a lotion that can be applied to any body hair – body / leg / face etc, etc. It is made from natural organic compounds (no side effects), it’s painless and does not cause irritation, long lasting – probably permanent and also not very expensive. I was impressed.

More on this later when I give my own ultra hair away review.

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